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Introduction to Engine Tuning: It’s not magic

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It’s not magic


00:00 - With the state of the tuning industry many tuners would like you to think that tuning is some kind of God given gift that you're either born with or you're not.
00:10 And if you weren't lucky enough to inherit this skill then there is no way you could possibly learn it.
00:16 Of course nothing could be further from the truth.
00:19 Tuning is not magic, it's not a black art, and there is no smoke and mirrors involved.
00:24 Tuning is simply a science and if you understand the fundamentals of how the engine operates as well as how the EFI computer works then there's nothing to stop you from becoming a competent tuner.
00:38 While anyone can become an engine tuner it's helpful if you have some basic knowledge of the operation of the engine and if you're good at analysing problems and solving them then this will also help you out.