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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial: Adding / Subtracting / Percentage Changes

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Adding / Subtracting / Percentage Changes


00:00 - Another useful option for making changes to the table numbers is to use math functions.
00:05 This is handy if you want to add, subtract, or divide or make a percentage change to the number in a cell.
00:12 Let's say we want to add five to the value in a cell.
00:15 If we navigate to the cell we want to change and then hold down the shift key and press the plus key, the new value box pops up with a plus symbol shown in the edit field.
00:25 We can now enter five and you can see below the edit field, the formula says add five in green.
00:32 this is what will happen in the cell when we press enter and the green colour shows that the math function is valid.
00:39 If we press enter, you can see that the number changes by five.
00:42 Likewise we could multiply the current value by 1.1 which would increase the value by 10%.
00:49 In this case, we would hold down the shift key and enter the asterisk symbol to multiply.
00:53 The new value box pops up and we can enter 1.1.
00:57 You can see the formula says multiply 1.1 and it is green so pressing enter will lock in the change.
01:04 If at any time you decide you don't want to make the change, press the escape key and the value box will close.
01:10 One last function that will speed up your tuning is the interpolate function.
01:14 This can be used to quickly smooth a range of cells.
01:18 This can be done by highlighting the cells we want to interpolate and then pressing control and I.
01:24 You can also do this across a block of numbers and the interpolation function will interpolate the numbers in between.

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