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Motorsport Fabrication Fundamentals: Conclusion

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00:00 - This brings us to the end of our Motorsport Fabrication Fundamentals course.
00:04 We've covered a lot of topics throughout all of these modules.
00:07 Hopefully you've gained a greater understanding of motorsport fabrication by watching them and now have the confidence and understanding of the materials, tools and processes required to get stuck in and start tackling your own fabrication jobs.
00:21 Remember if you feel like you didn't fully understand any of these modules then it's easy to go back through and revisit anything that you feel you could do with a refresher on.
00:30 Now that you own this course, it's yours for life and you're free to visit any module that you feel you need a better understanding of at any time.
00:38 Before we finish up, there's a few things that are important to reiterate.
00:41 First, make sure you spend the time sourcing the right PPE for the job and always keep a pen scriber, 150 mm ruler and a measuring tape in your overalls at all times.
00:53 These tend to be the most used equipment and you'll always want them on hand.
00:59 Learn your metals, their strengths and their weaknesses and get acquainted with your local metal shop and what they keep on the shelf.
01:06 Most will also have an off cuts rack and if you get lucky, you can source exactly what you need without having to purchase an entire length.
01:13 When it comes to buying equipment, make sure you shop around and buy the right tools for the tasks you want to complete.
01:20 Initially you might think that a tool is too expensive for the job you need to do but you need to keep in mind that quality tools will last a lifetime and will come in handy on just about every fabrication task you want to take on in the future.
01:33 You also need to weigh up the time you can save using the right tool for the job rather than trying to make do.
01:40 Not only this, but the finished product usually looks much more professional and will likely work better as a result.
01:47 Practice makes perfect and everything we do as fabricators becomes second nature once we understand and have confidence in ourselves and the processes.
01:57 This course is designed to give you the knowledge and understanding of motorsport fabrication but it cannot replace experience.
02:04 From here, it's your job to get out into the workshop, get your hands dirty and start putting into practice what you've learned.
02:11 We never stop learning and the more you do, the better you'll become.
02:15 Remember that we're here to support your journey and if you have any questions, then our forum is there to help you out.

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