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Motorsport Wheel Alignment: Step 2: Setup Alignment Equipment

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Step 2: Setup Alignment Equipment


00:00 - Step 2 is all about setting up our string system that will give us a way of measuring the toe.
00:06 Here in this case, I'm using a set of frames and strings from BG Racing.
00:10 But you know from the course that you can make something yourself much cheaper if you prefer and still get great results.
00:16 First thing is to fit the frames at both ends of the car.
00:19 We can use the different adjusters so that the frame is sitting securely and square to the car.
00:24 Set the bar mounts roughly at the wheel centreline height to start with.
00:29 Now we can assemble the bars and fit them to the frames.
00:32 Roughly centre the bars to the centreline of the car by eye.
00:35 Check the bar heights relative to the wheel centrelines as well.
00:39 Now we're ready to fit the strings.
00:42 The only thing to take care of here is that you use the same bar slots on each bar.
00:46 You also want to use the slots that keep the strings as close as practical to the wheels without them getting in the way.
00:53 Now we can go ahead and start aligning the strings to the centreline of the car.
00:57 We're going to use the centre of each hub as our reference point.
01:00 On the front, this is the wheel bearing cap and on the rear this is the stub of the CV.
01:05 From here, we're just going to make iterative adjustments to the bar positions to centre the strings.
01:11 Starting at the front to get them pretty close, then moving to the back and doing the same.
01:14 After a few iterations, you'll have the strings set where they need to be.
01:19 Now we have our string box set up and firmly mounted to the car.