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Motorsport Wheel Alignment: 5. Perform Alignment

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5. Perform Alignment


00:00 - Now it's time to actually put your changes into place and understandably, there's a process we need to follow here too.
00:07 The reason for this, is in most cases, adjusting one aspect of the wheel alignment will affect others.
00:12 For example, if we lower the ride height, that will affect our camber and potentially our toe.
00:18 Adjusting camber will in turn also affect toe and in some multi-link suspension setups, getting the correct toe and camber can be a frustrating iterative process where each adjustment affects both toe and camber simultaneously.
00:32 With this in mind, we're always going to want to start by setting our ride height if we will be adjusting this, s this will have a major effect on everything else and you can follow the practical skills module that covers this process.
00:45 The next task is to make any adjustments to our wheel base and track that may be required to ensure that this is even and consistent.
00:53 With the basics out of the way, we can then move on to setting our caster, camber and finally our toe.
00:59 As I've mentioned, each element of the alignment can affect the others so this can become an iterative process.