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Practical Corner Weighting: Introduction

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00:00 - I'm Andre from RaceCraft and I'd like to welcome you to our corner weighting course.
00:04 Within this course, I'll be sharing the information you'll need to understand when it comes to optimising and adjusting the static corner weight as well as the overall weight distribution and balance of your racecar.
00:16 When you're trying to improve consistency and lap times out on a racetrack, one of the key considerations is effective car balance.
00:24 To achieve this, one of the most important yet often overlooked aspects of car preparation, is checking and optimising the corner weights.
00:33 The term corner weight simply refers to the weight applied by each tyre to the ground.
00:38 Checking this is a key part of motorsport preparation and for professional race teams, this will be checked before and after almost every session.
00:47 No matter what you're racing in, the goal is to keep the car as stable and predictable on the racetrack as possible and this goes for all levels of motorsport from the high end of Formula 1 to your weekend track day warrior.
00:59 Now you may be wondering why you can't just take your car to a local wheel alignment specialist and get them to corner weight your car for you.
01:07 The answer is that corner weighting is a specialist skill that requires the correct equipment in order to be able to do the job correctly and this is well outside the abilities of most alignment specialists.
01:20 Of course some motorsport specialist workshops will offer this service but relying on their services doesn't allow you the flexibility to check and adjust the corner weights at the racetrack.
01:31 In this course you will learn how to do it yourself in your home garage or at the racetrack.
01:36 This will give you the ability to progressively make changes to your corner weighting and assess the effect of these changes on the car handling and balance.
01:45 Getting this right, can result in a car that's easier to drive, giving the driver more confidence in the way it will respond.