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Practical Corner Weighting: Introduction

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00:00 - In this worked example, we're going to be looking at the RaceCraft six step corner weighting process being applied on our very own Toyota 86 development car.
00:09 This car is predominantly used for circuit racing or road racing and with this in mind, we really want to develop a car that's going to have relatively consistent and equal handling balance in both left hand and right hand corners.
00:23 And this will driver our decisions around cross weight percentage as we get further through this worked example.
00:29 While we've already seen some of this car through the body of our course, I just wanted to explain what's fitted to the car and how we're going to be making our adjustment.
00:39 The basis of the suspension is a set of MCA red coilovers, allowing us to make quick and easy ride height adjustments.
00:47 We've also got a set of aftermarket anti roll bars fitted front and rear and these both have adjustable end links on both sides of the car, again this is going to be important to allow us to make sure that the anti roll bars don't pre load the suspension once we've finished our corner weighting.