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Professional Motorsport Data Analysis: Introduction

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00:00 - Today we're going to be doing a worked example using an AiM dash logger product fitted to a TCR car.
00:06 Now if you're not sure what a TCR car is, it's essentially a largely spec series where different manufacturers have front wheel drive cars and they all build them to a similar formula.
00:15 The idea here is that you can buy one of these cars of your chosen brand and go ahead and race it anywhere in the world in a chosen TCR championship.
00:24 In today's worked example, we're going to be following the 7 step process we outlined in the course body.
00:29 The data we're going to be using is actually from two amateur drivers driving the same car.
00:33 The two sessions are from a qualifying session each and one of them is a little bit faster than the other but interestingly they have some different driving techniques, one of them's a left foot braker, one of them is a right foot braker.
00:45 So even though one of them is faster overall, there's actually some gains that they can find by learning off each other as well.
00:52 Regardless of the logging system or type of car you're using, this worked example should give you some good clues of how to follow the 7 step process from start to finish.