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Variable Cam Control Tuning: Disclaimer

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00:00 - While tuning a factory engine with either continuously variable or switched cam timing doesn't inherently offer any real risks, beyond those involved with any engine tuning task, there is still the potential for engine damage if you don't correctly tune the remainder of the engine parameters.
00:16 This course does not each you how to tune EFI or optimise fuel and ignition timing and assumes a suitable base level of EFI tuning knowledge.
00:26 If you're not already competent with the basics of EFI tuning then I'd strongly recommend that you stop and take our EFI Tuning Fundamentals and our Practical Standalone or Practical Reflash Tuning course before proceeding.
00:40 If you're adjusting the cam timing with a conventional fixed cam timing engine that has been fitted with vernier adjustable cam gears, or you've fitted larger aftermarket cams to an engine equipped with continuously adjustable cam timing, you may run the risk of valve to piston or valve to valve contact.
00:58 This course assumes that you have confirmed that there is no chance of interference across the range of cam angles that you intend to use on the dyno.
01:08 If you need more information on cam timing, degreeing cams or how to check piston to valve clearance, this is all covered in our how to degree a cam course.