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MK6 HPTuners understanding

Boost Control

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so after completing the boost course and getting a better understanding im beginning to set up a tune to begin tuning open loop but there are a few tables im curious about.

1.Airflow>turbocharger>wastegate>feedforward: Desired canister pressure.- This is set up as gear vs exhaust mass flow. If i am correct this table currently scales from 0-66kpa. If i am looking at increasing boost pressure in the engine from 9-10psi to 20-22 psi(depending on fuel availability) this table would need to be adjusted per gear to maintain a steady psi that matches in every gear. Am i correct in this?

2. TIP Base(engine>Airflow>pressure control): It references that this should follow the wastegate spring pressure. so if the HPA k04 is set to a 7psi crack pressure that the table should be set to 21.5 psi (atmosphere 14.5 + 7 psi spring) or should it be set to 7psi

Also if there is a course that explains these in depth could someone please point me in the right direction?

Thank you in advance