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Haltech CAN input

CANBus Communications Decoded

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I have been researching CAN for awhile, and am making sense of the basic of reading CAN so far so good. i am looking to broadcast into a haltech network, i know this is difficult but am yet to understand or find out why?

i have the haltech V2 CAN addresses, so reading it is simple, but have yet to see some one broadcast into a haltech ECU.

why is it so difficult?

Perhaps it's considered difficult because the Haltech has no provision for general purpose CAN input. If you wanted to provide CAN data to the ECU, you will probably need to emulate one of few devices they support.

Thank you David,

i suspect this will be a simple question with a complex answer, how does one reverse engineer the CAN data from a haltech device?

is it as simple as buying a I/O 12 (for example) connect it to PC/ecu, program. disconnect from ECU CAN. start and Sniff its out put of the I/O12?

How much is your time worth? The Haltech I/O 12 expansion is only US$375 with the connector. I would just use that to connect whatever inputs our output you needed (unless it was EGT, then I would use their TCA2 device).

What are you trying to do?

the project is to use a AIM PDM08 to receive some switched inputs and broadcast them onto the Haltech network, emulating a I/O 12.

effectively to avoid having a I/O12. for example emulate a boost trim being controlled by a CAN keypad. (haltech has no support so far of keypads on elite ECU's).

mostly its a project to learn more about CAN.

Exactly what I am hoping to do with a PMU16 and a Haltech Elite. I have a bunch of unused inputs on my PMU that I will like to send over CAN to the Haltech as I've ran out of inputs on the Elite.

I ended up in the same spot, I would have to still buy a I/O12 in order to try and sniff out the CAN messages. At that point it's just easier and less time consuming to make use of the I/O 12.


try throwing some 12b analog signals at 0x2C0 at every other byte and see if it'll take.

Quick update on this. I worked with my dealer for the PMU16 and he provided a base map with some of the CAN communication already setup to broadcast as Haltech's IO boxes. I was still having issues with some of the conversion factors so I decided to try my luck with Haltech tech support, spoiler it worked!

If you email Haltech tech support they will provide the write protocol that their IO boxes broadcast to the ECU. I provided my order number for the Elite ECU just in case as proof that I actually own their product (not sure if necessary but figured it wouldn't hurt). I got the write protocol really quick also a few hours after I submitted the request it was in my email.

Using their write protocol I was able to send the analog inputs from my PMU16 to the Elite ECU via CAN without any issues.

Mitch is on the right track with the 0x2C0 ID, the rest of the write protocol will have everything else you need as far as message positions, frequencies etc.

Hi SpeedNess,

any chance you could email me what Haltech sent you?

Haltech Australia havent been as willing to help..

Hi SpeedNess,

Could you could post what you have here so anyone else looking to do the same thing doesn't need to clog up Haltech support and/or get turned away by them for making the same request?




Bless this thread

Speedness / Michael,

do you happen to also have received the protocol info for the haltech pd16?

I need to emulate data from a pd16 into a haltech elite and nexus

I have logged a support ticket, but as others have said, Australian haltech have not been forthcoming with this info in the past

Shaun, unfortunately I did not received the protocol for the PD16.

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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