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Motec CAN keypad and Link FuryX help

CANBus Communications Decoded

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Hello all. I am lost here trying to figure out if Link FuryX supports CAN keypads as I read that the G4x ecus haven't been updated with keypad functionality. If so, I was wondering if the Link furyX ecu can be configured to read CAN bus data frames.

My next question would be if the Motec keypad can be configured to transmit customized data frames or if I can at least access the data frames of the Motec keypad to configure the Link G4x Ecu to read?

I need a solution to get the Motec CAN keypad to communicate with the Link furyX ECU to activate launch control, antilag, and other functionalities.

Please help me as this is my first big client ( a pro difter) and it would be a huge boost if I could make all this work.


What does Link say? I know what MoTeC says.

If your keypad is attached to a MoTeC PDM, you should be able to work with an ECU that has configurable CAN input for functional switches. With the PDM, the keypad can be programed to turn the buttons (momentary action) into switches (which report a specific state). That's what's usually needed switched modes in other devices.

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