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Accel enrichment - at what to aim?

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Hi guys,

so i viewed the standalone tuning to the accel enrichment and i unterstood the theory behind it, but the Lambda goal in the end is unclear. Do i aim to have a afr lambda reading of my lambda target (0.88) at WOT? Or richer?

Currently is enriching like alot, its 8% enriching and i end up at lambda 0.79 which is way richer then lambda target. The car is driving fine without stutters or bogs. But is this lambda desirable? Should i aim with the accel enrichment for the lambda target? It feels VERY rich to me. Thats what i wanted to know.

Thanks, Mark

Lambda is a clue, but not necessarily the goal. The goal of acceleration enrichment is to make the engine responsive. If you've achieved that then you're good.

If your goal included minimizing emissions and getting every last drop of fuel economy, then achieving that while keeping the Lambda within certain parameters (say within a few percent of lambda = 1.0) might be desired.

A rich spike will not likely cause plug fouling or other problems associated with running too rich.