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AEM 506 R35 coil pack dwell times

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Does any one have dwell times for a r35 coil packs? I'm having what sounds like miss fires when revving my mk4 supra single turbo. I believe my dwell times are off. If anyone has settings that work for it. I would gratefully appreciate it.

Since Aem took down their forum. All that valuable info is gone.

Thanks in advance.

I think the R35 coils dwell should look like this:

9V - 5.3ms

10v - 4.5ms

11v - 3.9ms

12v - 3.4ms

13v - 3.0ms

14v - 2.7ms

15v - 2.4ms

What spark plugs and gaps are you running? What is the Lambda/AFR when it's not misfiring?

I also found this thread with some R35 dwell info:


This thread has a table from Platinum Racing that might be useful for a maximum dwell scenario:


I used the Platinum racing diagram when setting mine up. Just wanted to see if anyone is running anything different.

I honestly don't remember what Lambda its running at. This weekend ill look at it more and see if its running way to lean or something.

I'm running iridium's gapped at .026 if I remember correctly.

This is something that just came to mind at work yesterday. Once i get to play with my car this weekend. Ill come back with my results

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