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avgas fuel vs ratio

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do you have the ratio for AVgas fuel. ?... used from the normal single engine airplanes...

thank you

14.7; Avgas is just a leaded fuel.

Keep in mind that the lead WILL kill your lambda sensor pretty quickly.

Actually Avgas isn't just a leaded fuel. There are various grades and designations for avgas.

e.g. 100/130 is leaded (the lack of letters after the octane rating tells you this)

100LL is low lead

100UL is unleaded.

After a quick search, Avgas is available only at 2 places in Mozambique (Maputo FQMA and Villanculous FQVL) and distributed by BP who (as far as I know) only offer 100LL, so I doubt Silvio have a choice.

Anyway, UL or LL, the stoichiometric ratio remain 14.7:1.