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best tools to have the measured AFR shared via VCM Scanner hptuner

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i have an HP tuner mvpi2+ standard and i have recently purchased the pro features and pro link+

my purpose is to read the measured AFR or Lambda via VCM scanner because i will be street tuning the cars, no dyno.

what is the best additional AFR Reader that i should use if i'm going to tune many cars not only mine.

1-should i purchase the Innovate Motorsports 3894 LM-2 Dual Air/Fuel Ratio Meter (2 Oxygen Basic Kit) and how can i confirm that it has an analogue cable as the once shared in this course does not have a OBD2 Cable or analogue cable..

2-or should i proceed with purchasing the AEM X Series wideband Uego afr sensor gauge with obd2 connectivity?

3-i have also a case in my personal car, i m using an afr gauge aem 30-0300 X Series but it doesnt come with obd2 connectivity, can i purchase the cable that goes from my afr gauge to the obd2 of the car and that have also an output were i can plug in it the hp tuner to prevent any cutting process? and if yes we can purchase this cable alone, please share with me a link


With the ProLink+, you have a CAN and Analog inputs. With your X-Series wideband, you could use either the AEM net (which is CAN) or connect the 0-5V analog output to your ProLink to see and log the data in VCM Scanner

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