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what means in english

I'm sorry I'm going to need some more information in order to be able to help you out here. If your question is related to our EFI Tuning Fundamentals course, please specify which module you're having issues with.

Ill second this with all of them. Ive been thru the modules and im still not sure about most of them. The courses have left more questions then answers. They tell us what we should do but not how its done. For those just starting out it make no sense, while those with a little experiance know exactly what is being said. Many of us will need things simplified and acutally be shown how things are done tuning program specific ie hptuners, link, motec,etc.. Watching things done on one isnt helping the other.

Hey Marcus, this course, as it's name implies, is a fundamentals course. It doesn't intend to show you the 'how' or 'practical application'. The knowledge from this course is then built on with our Practical Standalone and Practical Reflash courses. We believe this is the most sensible flow from learning the core fundamentals and then understanding how to apply them.

Have you gone through our Practical Standalone Tuning or Practical Reflash Tuning courses yet? If not, the worked examples answer the specific questions you've mentioned on the Link, MoTeC and HP Tuners platforms. If we tried to jam all of this info into a single course it would be overwhelming to most of our users.

Beyond this, if you have specific questions or some areas that you don't fully understand, please feel free to ask as that's what we're here for.