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Flame speed Е85 vs race gas with oxygen.

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Hi. I came across the situation when I cannot find any information on the subject - which flame speed is faster? Regular blends of race gas burn slower when E85 but how about race gas with additional oxygen such as VP racing Q16? The only one thing I was able to find is that Q16 and VP Import blends were developed to maintain as fast flame speed as spirit blends of fuel but is that really the case?

I think the only way to know for a particular engine is to test it on the dyno. I would expect if the flame speed were significantly different you would see a change in power (and possibly knock) and you would need to adjust the ignition timing to compensate. In general, I would believe that more ignition advance would be required if the flame speed was slower, but that would certainly be engine specific.

Well, this is what i'm gonna do then- try it on a dyno.

Thanks for replying.