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It would be good if there was questions about these formulas somewhere on the website so you could test yourself and see if you come to the correct result. say you have a given engine size and then actual air flow of that engine then we had to work out the rest, or something alone then lines just a bit stuff like that after a module to test what you have learned like asking the odd question and see if we have taken in the info would be beneficial I think.

I also use the online virtual Acadamy in the uk and they do something similar to what I’ve described so makes you realise where you’ve gone wrong and you recap that specific video doesn’t half make it stick in your head.

Hello Great idea i have passed this on to management

Regards Ross

Hi Sam, we're working on a quiz to add into our courses that will offer pretty much what you're wanting. It's with our developer now but I can't promise when this will be finished.