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Hondata s300 indices, lambda correction factor

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I'm reading through the help files on Hondata and it recommends to set the table indices before tuning. If my tables are in kpa should they be spaced out evenly every 10kpa?

I went through the speed density course and want to know if the lambda correction factor technique works on Hondata also. S300 fuel tables are in units of kpa x fuel value? The unit fuel value is not defined in the help files and the internet says they are just arbitrary numbers.

Ok, so I don't have my laptop or car with me right now and pulled up random Hondata fuel map.

At 50Kpa and 2000 RPM the map has a value of 3565. If I pretend 3565= 1.06 lambda and want 1.00 the math would be...

1.06/1.00 = 1.06

1.06x3565 = 3779

So theoretically changing 3565 to 3779 would take my AFR from 1.06 to 1.00?

I generally try and keep relatively even break points for the load axis, however it can be beneficial to add a little more resolution around the idle and cruise areas (30-50 kpa for example). The correction factor will work just as well for Hondata. the fuel numbers are simply a 'raw' value and as such they are essentially meaningless to us however doubling the numbers doubles the fuel delivery and hence our correction still is valid.. A nice feature with the hondata is that you can apply a percentage change to the fuel table using the Control + J command.