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Impreza v4 STI

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Hello, anyone know how to adjust base timing in Alcatek Ecu? The software don't have the option 'lock ignition'. I attached a photo with engine position sensors.

Maybe Crank/Sync Swap should set Disabled ?

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Hi Andrei,

I have never used this ECU before, although I would assume the offset is set under (crank offset angular). Locking the timing, I find not all ecus have this option. What I will do is set the timing to 15 degrees in the ignition map, check logger to ensure it is at 15 and not being influenced by a compensation table. Then check the timing with a timing light and adjust the offset until it matches.

Crank offset angular is set default to 11.75 degree (i can change this value). Crank trigger level and Sync trigger level have both 2D Table. Do you know what are this table for?

This is a plug and play Ecu and comes with a base map,but no instructions and no data log.

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I can't quite see the axis in the photo but it looks to me like it is the arming threshold voltage.

Basically it is the voltage (In mV) which needs to be generated by the reluctor sensor in order for the ECU to recognize the pulse as a tooth count/event.

There is a good webinar which explains this below


Thanks alot Chris !

Chris.Wall i tried to put the values in mV , but the maximum value i can put is 255 which i think is quite low for high rpm (255mV -0,255v) for arming threshold. Do you think it is in another unit measurement?

i attached a better photo . the values i can put in are from 0-255.

I also have the same table for Sync trigger level.

i have an option 'Crank/sync swap ' enabled or disabled . Do you know what this means?

thanks for your help an sorry for bother you

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Up.maybe someone else can help?

I think you need to be working with Alcatek for support. Have them explain what the trigger level value represents, and how you can determine the correct value for a given engine speed.

Surely they want to help you make their product work.