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Injector Flow

EFI Tuning Fundamentals

Relevant Module: Fuel Injectors > Injector Flow

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Hi there can this be a correct example of the calculation to get the new flow rate?

1000 x 1,15 : 1150 new flow rate Is 1000cc the inyector flow rate?

New fuel pressure: 60psi

Old fuel pressure: 45

Injector cc: 1000

I just finished the quiz at the end of the module and I saw a question that said, an injector flow 600c at 3 bar, what would it flow at 4 bar?

I did all the calculation and the result is 690cc , but here is my question, what about that 600cc, that is 15% more that the original capacity (600cc)... Was that what Andrew referred to "Upgrading injector cc" If I need more fuel pressure?


I'm not quite sure I understand your question, but if you're having to run high fuel pressure because your injectors are maxing out, then I would agree upgrading to higher flow injectors may be a better way to go. The flow increase you get from a fuel pressure increase is far less than a 1:1 relationship so unless you only need a few percent more fuel, you're likely better off getting higher flow injectors to meet your needs.

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