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Strange limiter issue (sound)

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hi so i have lowered dwell to 1.8 across all the 13/14 volt range, also tried pulling back the trigger 1 arming threshold just lowered the numbers and trigger scoped still lower voltage on trigger 1 , and a crackling limiter sound. could i have a bad crank sensor even apart from the rpm limiter the car runs perfect , i will attach a few of my trigger scopes

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Can you do a PC Log of it running on the limiter and also attach a copy of the tune file.

there you go, as you raise the limiter the more it sounds like its breaking down and when its mid drift on limiter you just get that constant sound like the very first video above i sent .

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The sound in your last video is quite different to what you posted first (where the engine just sounds flat). I'd suggest some changes to your limiter setup as it's very aggressive and is the reason why the engine sounds the way it does in your last video. In particular I'd suggest adding in a control range of about 200 rpm. This will allow a more progressive limiter rather than one which is all or nothing. I personally favour an adaptive cut pattern over constant too but that's probably a coin toss. I'd suggest you take a look at our webinar on the limit setup on the G4+ because it explains everything quite nicely (if I do say so myself...) - https://www.hpacademy.com/previous-webinars/171-configuring-the-ultimate-rpm-limiter/

There's also some strange data in that log file when you raised the limiter to 7600. You can see a spike in the rpm to 37,000 rpm and another unlikely dip down to about 5000. This would suggest you've got some triggering issues going on.

I have tried some changes and didn’t seem to have an effect on the limiter I even switch advanced mode off and has stayed the same , but il give it a blast again , I also should have a spare crank sensor I can swap out

i have noticed that its only really spiking the rpm when i raise the limiter over 7000 , as soon as it goes to 7600rpm what my tuner has set it to it spikes like crazy i took a new log of it and a scope on 7600 when spiking

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Firmware update fixed issue can now set a normal limiter

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