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Can anyone please enlighten me more about what is referred as sites or having to many sites on the fuel table and ignition tables? Is it basically trying to place values on more than one table while trying to achieve the optimal AFR and ignition for a specific tune? Thanks in advance for your responses.

The number of sites is the number of columns (or number of rows for the other axis). Most software has a limit on the number of sites, but many allow you to defined the individual sites, so you can have different spacing in areas where fueling or ignition timing change rapidly (usually due to exhaust or camshaft interactions).

If you have a lot of sites, then you have more work to do. If the fuel curve is smooth (it should be), you can often get away with fewer sites and allow the ECU to interpolate the values of the table between the various sites.

Hey David, thanks a lot for the response, I understand now.