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High guys wanting to install some sort of rpm switch in my vf commodore to open a 12 volt motor the signal I believe is 5 VOLT

Hi Gary we need more information than what you have put here what ECU and what software do you have doe the software allow external switches to be added does it have spare aux outputs and digital inputs

what is the type of circuit you're trying to control

Regards Ross

Hi Ross thanks for replying I have a stock 2017 vf v8 commodore magnum ute which I have fitted a hsv air intake that has a extra flap incorporated to allow more air into the airbox the flap is normally closed and is 12 volt operated , I originally tried connecting to the bimodal exhaust which is normally closed ( more air in more air out ) I thought I could connect it to the 87a exhaust relay but the bimodal exhaust signal has 2 volts when open and 9.2 when closed , so my next cunning plan was to connect a rpm or tps switch to activate the 12 volt air intake but i believe the signals are 5 volt . My ideal set up would be that the bimodal air intake would open at say 3/4 throttle and or 3000 rpm . To be honest I originally thought this would be relatively easy but alas no so if you or any other electronic wizards out there can help or have any other ideas that would achieve what I trying to do it would really be appreciated

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