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There was a mentioned of an advance course in your fundamentals tutorial. How do I gain access to that? Looking for more of the advanced wiring and planning for systems using PDM's and aftermarket ECU's. Concentric twisting, method and means to using two #16 wires on a Deutsch connector and splicing into a #12 for fuel pumps and radiator fans..

G'day John.

The advanced course is mostly written, and shooting will begin in a couple of months once our worked example car gets a few other jobs done. We'll have it out by the end of the year.

Yes iam very much looking forward to this course as well. I'm especially interested in the Concentric Twisting methods and Possibly Wire Tuck Planning? Just an idea!

I'm looking forward to this one as well. I have a large bundle of wires that I need to snake through the interior of my car.