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So my buddy has now put a third component into his build and is adding the Bosch ABS system into the mix. I am told the M150 has 3 different CAN inputs. I am using one for LTC to Lamda, PDM's and connection to M150, one for the Aim MXG and now one for the ABS. My questions is how does the M150 differentiate from one PDM to the other?

PDM are assigned a base address the the PDM Manager Software. The MoTeC GP packages only send to one PDM address, normally you arrange the second one as a slave off the first and re-send appropriate messages. For example, all the logic and communication with the keypad are in the first PDM, and it send messages to the others.

As long as the bus speeds are compatible (and your CAN wiring is within spec), you could easily have all those devices on the same bus. Is there a reason you are using different CAN busses?

Bosch rep mentioned that the CAN messages can be similar and cause issues with with communication.