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CANbus wiring - joining stubs

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Whilst I am familiar with the rules of CANbus wiring, I am a bit vague on the best (tidiest?) way of physically joining stubs to the bus. Do you guys simply use barrel crimps staggered closely together, with the wires for the branch coming out of one end of the crimp?

I know some people daisy chain devices together, effectively having zero or very small stub lengths, but I am fearful of trying that, as I don't want to have to redo things afterwards.


G'day Paul.

Depends on the situation, is I'm tapping into an existing bus, I expose a section of the copper on the main bus wires buy removing some heatshrink using a razorblade. Then, using an open barrel crimp attach the new stub. Making sure to stagger the splices, and insulate with kapton tape.

If I'm building the harness from scratch, I prepare the canbus wiring early on and do all the splices at once, then lay it onto the board. In this instance I'll cut the sections I need and splice together, once again staggering the splices. I'll insulate with SCL when I do it this way too, as you've got much better access.

Seen the DTM connectors specifically for the job? Could be a nice way to do it if you wanted to add nodes at a later date.

Dont ask me why they show a battery connected to the bus though...