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Coil wiring

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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In an LS style coil one of the grounds goes to the cylinder head. Does the other ground go to sensor 0v? Is this "signal ground" ?

depends on the ECU -- I am wiring a MoTeC ECU for an LS3 right now, and using Bat Neg for the signal ground.

It's an emtron ECU. Why can't you just run both pins to cylinder head ground then ? Especially if your ground the batter and ECU to the engine as well.

I have some dedicated ground pins on the ECU , I guess I could ground to one of these ?

So to make sure I am understanding this .. they should NOT go to the 0v reference , is that correct ?

correct. You likely will not have any issue with connecting both the the head ground -- but my preference is to use whatever ground the ECU is using as the signal ground in order that any noise doesn't lead to a timing error (i.e. spark scatter). When the coil triggers, there could be a large spike on the power ground which is why you want it to go directly to the engine head -- not move that noise to the ECU or other more sensitive ground.

Thanks a bunch David