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DBW on Adaptronic m6000

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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I never messed with dbw setup or wired one before

I cant find any wiring details on Adaptronic except on the wiring tab on eugene

I am running gm pedal with bosch 83mm tb

I appreciate any help with pinouts, diagram, settings


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That looks pretty clear for wiring the Bosch throttle body. Do you have the connector and pinout for that? Here is the Bosch data sheet, but it only lists an 82mm TB, are you sure you have an 83?


Thanks for your response David

Yep 82mm sorry mistyped

How do I go about wiring the pedal?

I hope someone from hp academy can share their pinout and settings on the white fd with the same ecu

Adaptronic is very slow to respond on fb

I may try email

You do know that Haltech acquired Adaptronic back in 2018. Perhaps you should contact Haltech support to ask for help.


Thank you for you responses David

I played with the software and was able to figure out the wiring on adaptronic and bosch tb part

How ever I cant find pinout on the pedal GM 92 238 396

I wired a GM throttle pedal from the 2008 Corvette, here is the wiring info I got to start with:


I treated them as follows

A -- APP2 0V (GM wiring harness I had: Purple)

B -- APP2 Signal (Lt Blue)

C -- APP2 5V (Red)

D -- APP1 0V (Brown)

E -- APP1 Signal (Dk Blue)

F -- APP1 5V (White/Black)

Perhaps that or the wire colors will help.

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Thats great how ever I don't have the pigtail just the connector, do you know which side does A start from?

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I would find the connector drawing from the manufacturer. Also, it won't really matter, you still end up with a voltage divider either way. Since you have the pedal why don't you test it?

Found the pinout for GM 92 238 396

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