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Ground wires in new loom

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Does anyone have any suggestion on the best way to earth ignition coils and fuel injectors on a new loom.

Do people run sperate wires per injector/coil back through the firewall? Or is it acceptable to earth these to the engine block?!

I have the sensor grounds separate already to the ecu. Just curious about the best way for the less signal sea notice wires.


You do NOT ground the fuel injectors !

The (-) side of the injector is connected directly to the ecu.

Brain fart!! sorry!!

The 12v draw on the fuel injectors is low enough to run one 20awg then split it to each injector?

It depends.

-What kind of injectors (high or low z) ?

-How many injectors ?

(-What wire length ?)

one 20awg splited to:

-2 high z injectors = no problem

-4 low z injectors = NOT OK !

Thanks Mate, Was planning to run a 20awg to each side of the motor. (powering 2x ID1000). Also planning similar setup for the coil Power and grounds.

Sound ok?!

You can earth your coils to your engine no problems assuming your engine earth to battery is good.

The power side of things depends on what coil setup you are using.

Is it 2 wire coil over plug with igniter or a 3 wire setup?