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Lighting, chassis wiring

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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I'v found over the internet some info about it but I think that should be ok to bring this subject over here.

In this post (http://www.shoptalkforums.com/viewtopic.php?f=54&t=138711) they say the following values:

Headlights ---- 14 gauge

Taillights ---- 16 gauge

Brake lights ---- 16 gauge

Horn ---- 14 gauge

Fuel pump ---- 14 gauge

Oil temp sender ---- 16 gauge

oil cooler fan ---- 14 gauge

Starter to Alternator ---- 10 gauge

Starter to Switch ---- 10 gauge

Ign switch to coil ---- 14 gauge

Alternator charge light ---- 16 gauge

Starter switch (B+)to solenoid for 12v power ------ 10 gauge

Starter switch (ST) to solenoid spade bit ---------- 14 gauge

I think that some of these gauges its a little bit oversized, eg. Alternator charge light 16 gauge (a little led on the dashboard would need a big wire like this?).

If I decide to use turn signal, tail light, parking light LED bulbs, I can use a smaller wire (20 awg I was thinking).

There is a good info about it here also:


Yea those are way too big, but will work if you think about it lol People are just scared of burning up wire so the double up on sizes

The fuel pump is kinda small, but I'm used to wiring aftermarket pumps that need 12awg+

Oil temp sender is 16awg? I've been using 24awg lol

on your question just do this, figure out how many watts the light bulb is, then divide by 14.4v. Typically tail light bulbs are less than 1 amp. You can also get a gauge to amp chart and it will tell you the appropriate awg wire to use.

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