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List of connectors for GM LS1 harness, does it exist?

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Tried the search, but it was not easy to filter out, too much results.

Does it exist a list of connectors used on the LS1 motor, with oem delphi numbers?

Since I'm from Norway, my preferred source is

Alot of motorsport supplier sites have them out there, but none of them reveals the article number.

In our "small" community, I think we all (except those who run a shop) would benefit from a collected list for this purpose.

I'm working at an excel sheet, and wondering if anyone else is willing to contribute in this tread, to help find part numbers for different applications.

Look for "GM LS1 parts" in the "application specific" section. It's not exactly what you are looking for, but it will help a lot. Good luck, I heard Norway is SUPER expensive for owning a car and paying for fuel.

Yeah, I've seen that site, but it belongs to a fellow forum member, and he will probably not be interested in specifying the part numbers.

The photos will help a lot though, but it's a jungle out there with all these connectors.

This is the Global Delphi PDF with everything... enjoy digging.