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Hey guys,

Just about to make my first loom, for those that have done these before, where/how do you hide your 100ohm resistor terminations at the end of each trunk?

The one in question is one corner of the engine bay where a LTC will be placed, So i simply run a splice with one end feeding from the trunk, at this splice I place the 100ohm resistor, and the other pair at the splice goes out to the LTC?

Then just cover it with shrink? Or is there a neater way?



I USE deutch Dtm connectors for my can bus. Remove the seal in the back of the connector and hide the resistor in the cavity where the Seal usued to be and seal up with RTV/ Selant.

Makes it easy to extend the can bus if needed. Just move the connector with the resistors to the ends when extending

Awesome idea!

So you just solder the DTM pins to the resistor?

I crimp the pins to the resistor. I use the dmc af8 for crimping, ad some wirestrands in with the resistor to Get a good crimp..


Yeah have all the tooling, just learning the best methods to get things done.