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R32 GTR and ECU Master Black

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Hi All,

Wiring my R32 GTR with ECU Master EMU Black with a Plug and Play ECU Master Black Kit. However, it hasn't gone as simple as I hope it would have. This is because I have started the ECU and can't get it to start, and I think it's in part because the ECU is getting 10V on ignition switched and 6V or less on crank. For background for those who aren't familiar with the specifics of the ECU Master PNP, they take Pin 45 on the Factory ECU and divide it between B13 and G18

I am not sure how to resolve this issue, I was thinking I could wire 12V directly from the battery (or from a fuse tap) to the ECU and use the ignition switched on the PNP as a way resolve this issue but I am not too sure if this is the correct approach.

Secondly, after installing my Boost Control on AUX3 and grounding it to pin G5, my voltage issue has got even worse and the car is only getting 6V on start. I tapped into the G18 Pin, assuming that the boost controller wouldn't draw that much current, and assuming that because it's ignition switched, that I would be able to use it as a 12V power source switched for the ECU. However, my voltage to the ECU is terrible, and now the solenoid stays on and clicks even after the car is turned off. I am not sure if this is because of a backfeed on the circuit or some weird issue with R32 GTR and the ECCS relay.

Additionally, it seems like my fuel pump is continuously priming for some reason, even after I have inverted the fuel pump control on the ECU.

Before adding the boost control solenoid I wasn't having any of these issue, bar the low overall voltage on the ECU (10V). New to wiring cars, and even more new to the R32 GTR chassis and want to clarifying what I am doing is correct, or the best way to approach the ECU voltage issue. I think because the EMU black has a secondary power input, I can use that? But I am not sure.

ECU Master did wrong when splitting the pin 45 to B13 and G18. Pin 45 is known to be problematic on the R32 GTRs, that's why I install a separate relay on the ECU Master Classic as it has only one ignition switch input. Fortunately, you shouldn't need to do that as there is a +12V Battery hot at all time input on the ECU Master Black.

First thing I would do, I would remove the wire from pin 58 of the OEM harness and connect it to pin B13 of the ECU. That should solve it.

Let me know how it goes,


I was able to fix my boost control and fuel pump issues because of an incorrectly inverted output. The PnP adapter required the fuel pump control to invert and the boost solenoid that I had was meant to be low side drive not high side drive. So I was able to fix these issues, I have tried hence starting the car, and I haven't been able to get it to start. I thought it was an issue with my injector phase but I've been told by ecu master that the firing order should be the same as the injector phase. Honestly, I am quite lost as to why the car isn't starting. I am going to try and fix the voltage issue I am having by taking out pin 58 and wiring it into 12V, as I think only getting 9.68V on ignition and 6V on crank is causing all of these issues.

Well fixed in the sense I now have stable voltage! Now it seems like I am getting zero ignition output, and I am very lost!

Are you sure that any of the pins you disconnected weren't actually receiving power (through the ECU) vs. providing power. If disconnected perhaps there is no power to your coil(s). I would start with that. Is there power to the coils? Does the ECU correctly trigger the coil when using the test modes?

I am not getting 12V to any of the coils, even with the Ignition Switched On, I am however getting ground on all of the pins. One is giving me constant ground on the continuity test and the other two pins have ground for two seconds and then stop beeping, even with the car turned off. I am very lost.

I fixed it. It was a dead or faulty ignitor + a bad ignition relay and wired in a completely new relay. I've replaced it with a set of R35 Coils from EFI Solutions in Queensland Australia and the car has spark across all cylinders now!

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