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SR20DE Ignition Resistor and Condenser

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Im making a custom harness for my Nissan pulsar race car, the factory harness has a resistor and condenser in one unit (size of Square fuse). This genuine part is getting hard to purchase, is it essential to have this part in a race car? and can i make one myself? the resistance and capacitor values are stamped on the top so thinking i can make one with parts from jaycar. Any advice/ help would be appreciated

photo of the part, resolution of the photo on upload isnt great.

resistor value 2.2K Ohm v2w- this is the main part im unsure about, does v2w mean its a variable resistor?

capacitor 2.2 micro F 50V

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Your pictures are too small to see so I'm not sure what they are using the resistor for. But it will be a good idea to keep the capacitor, this is used to create a more direct ground path for the high voltage side of the coil and greatly reduces EMI.

They are fairly common and easy to find in most cars with a 2 wire coil. Sometimes called a condenser or suppressor. Capacitance anywhere from 0.47 - 3uF is common.

The Toyota ones are quite nice: https://www.nzefi.com/product/noise-suppressor-filter-with-connector/

Or a common aftermarket one is "UZB111"

As Adam said, from the location and value, it appears to be used to soppress ignition noise/spikes.

The resistor appears to be a ballast as used with ballast coils to drop the coil voltage under normal driving, usually to around 8-9V, but is bypassed by a direct feed under cranking to counter the voltage drop and give a better spark for easier starting. [edit] Initially I thought the 2W refered to the power rating, but it seems rather low - Adam?

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