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Star point earthing

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I have a question for start point earthing. I was curious that if I wanted to do a start point earthing on my engine harness, does that mean the harness grounds go on the same exact screw as the ground from the battery or can it still be two separate screws. My oem harness ground and battery strap are on the intake manifold but they aren’t on the same screw. Also, my battery is relocated to the trunk. My battery ground is bolted to the trunk floor then from chassis to the intake manifold. Can star point earthing still be used. Thank you

Provided you're earthing to the same component (manifold or engine block) this is sufficient to fulfil the star earthing requirement. What you need to consider is that between two earthing points on the block for example there is negligible resistance provided the earthing points are both clean (it is always a good idea if you're earthing to a painted block to scrape the paint off the block to ensure good continuity.