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Ok Gurus,

i know many guys dont give out their industry secret, I went over to Raychem website, which then started to give two links. One of them was the branch. Looking at how professional these websites are, it doesnt look like they do small scale sales over bank deposits or paypal. Now my local Raychem sellers doesn’t wanna accept that a DR type raychem wire even exists. The guy was so annoying I took one MWTM from him just to run from his shop. The man handed me a biig heat shrink when I asked him for a branching boot, clearly, buying supplies locally is going to be a disaster.

Is there a dealer anywhere in the world that ships smaller quantities to buyers?

I want it all, the shrink, the branching shrink ( whatever thats called) , the firewall insulators, those yellow tapes to be listed on their brochures.

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