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Toyota RPM signal wiring

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Hi probably a fairly easy question lol

I have just taken your introduction to wiring course and i am making my own wiring harness for my car.

I have a toyta corolla e12 2004 with a 2zz-ge engine. i am wiring in a new ecu master black . The rpm signal is taken from the crankshaft sensor. Do i splice into the positive side of the sensor and pin it to the rpm signal pin on the ecu with a sheilded wire? Iv been told this wont work so am here for a correct answer. Its an inductive 2 pin crankshafts sensor aswell Thanks scott

Most Toyota's run a 2-wire VR style sensor. One side to the Crank Input on your ECU, the other side to your Sensor Groundpin on your ECU. Not familiar with ECU Master, however if it has a dedicated Crank/Cam Ground use that.

Yes use shielded cable, ground the shield at one end (traditionally ECU end). Again some ECU's have a pin dedicated for shield grounds also.

Rob is on point here. Checking the ECU Master Black pinout, you'll want to wire the positive side of the VR sensor to the 'Primary Trigger' Pin, and the negative side to sensor ground. I'd take the shielding braid and splice it to one of the ECU power ground wires.

im also wiring in a custom wiring for my Toyota(7mgte) with a emublack.

If I'm correct the NE is the crank primary trigger and the G1 and G2 are cam signal 1 and 2.

If I wanted to wire my CPS into the emublack would I need to wire into both cam signals and the NE to primary trigger?

Hi Michel,

I use NE for Crank like you say, and only one of the cam signals. I use G1, you only need the one for sync.

Semi related question. Any idea why Toyota sometimes uses 2 cam sensors on the same cam? eg: 1jz


Toyota use 2 cam sensors that trigger 360* apart. Usually they don’t have a reset on the crank, so they provide 720 and 360 degree information.

That way it can tell if it’s at TDC compression or TDC Intake with only one revolution of the crank. Makes them start faster.

RPM signal in Toyota with distributor was the IG- coil negative from the ignitor, When they changed over to direct ignition in the late 90s / early 2000s they still drove the tachometer the same way (4 low side pulses per 2 rev) but without a central ignitor they sent this signal out of the ECU.

If you have a Link ECU G4 you can use the "Tacho out" Aux Output to perform this exact function.

The crank (trig1) and cam (trig2) triggers provide the ECU with position information, they aren't spliced into to drive a tacho (assuming that's what you're asking)

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