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ARP Fastener Tensile Strength Question

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Looking at the torque table from ARP, can someone confirm the columns are based on the fastener tensile strength.

When looking at the set of valve cover bolts I have there's nothing to say what tensile strength they are.

How do you know which one to use for the correct torque settings?

These are the bolts I have.


In this case it's just valve cover bolts but I'm sure this will be something I'll continue to see across other engine fasteners during the build.

There are about a zillion bolt torque charts available via Google (search for bolt torque chart) for standard grade 5 bolts commonly found in engines. like this one:


Most critical fasteners in an engine will have their torque specified in the factory workshop manual. For special fasteners (like your ARP studs or rod bolts), you use the manufacturer specs.

As David said, just use the OEM torque recommendations - in this application they are not actually being stressed, but are being used for their decorative value, and the limiting factors will be the gaskets and/or the covers.