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I'm building an Audi 2.5 I5 DAZA motor out of my 2019 TT RS and have been told that you can't hone the bores in this motor due to the material used to coat it. To begin, is this true? If so, which materials will this typically happen with? Is there any way to hone these motors by re-coating the bores, or would sleeving be the only solution? Finally, how do you come across this information? Is there a way to look this up, or is this more or less something that needs to be figured out through trial and error/testing?


The AUDI tuning forums, and specialists, will be the best bet for solid info'. However, I assume there is a concern the block is a sleeveless aluminium design with the bores plated/coated with something like a hard nickel, chromium, or other material, surface? If so, yes, boring out the engine will need sleeves or retreating the bore surface - the latter can be done, but will be expensive and not as strong as good sleeves which seem to be relatively commonly done.