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Hey team, long time coming but here is a short list of some of the essentials, and also a few desirable tools that will make your life easier.

Take a look through and share your thoughts as this will be filled out a little more over time:

It would be great to see recommended brands for each of the tool. Any recommendations for torque wrench that is not super expensive but reliable and will do the work? Thanks!

Note Pawel, have seen your comment and we're working on it.

Another vote for recommended brands to consider when buying tools as I'm also looking at buying now and the number of options and price ranges is huge.

I would also like to see some recommended brands. I can’t imagine buying the “best deal” off Amazon is going to be the best path to take.

Sometimes the "best deal" off amzn can do the trick. Perfect example is the scale that Andre uses in his videos, sourced on Ali IIRC. :)