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Measuring Piston To Valve Clearance

Engine Building Fundamentals

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When assembelling the engine to measure piston to valve clearance can the same headgasket be used for both test and final assembly? or do multiple headgaskets need to be purchased?

I usually use the old headgasket for trial assemblies. However, I think it's totally OK, to use the same (new) headgasket if you wish.

Old head gasket or just lightly torque the new one, the reduction in clearance when the head is fully torqued shouldn't be a significant factor unless you are running things REALLY TIGHT, in which case using full torque and then buying a second gasket would be a very worthwhile investment!

Exactly what make and type head gasket solution are you intending to use, as some actually damage the head when used and require refacing?

Some are also available in different thicknesses, for setting deck height, etc.

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