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4g63 lifters help !!

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4g63 guys what lifters are you using. I tired gsc zero thick in the past and out of the box one lifter was bad so I ordered some Topline lifters made in usa and look like topline are 2mm longer than oem lifters. Is it ok to run 2mm longer lifters????? What do you guys run? Thanks!

I'm using stock oem hydraulic lifters on one engine and solid lifters on another. 1st on is around 900hp, second one 1000+ hp.

Yes I know oem are the best but on one cylinder head that I am building I dont have lifters at all and to purchase 16x oem lifters it is 550$. I found hyuinday/kia lifters with part number 2461033050, and look like they are exactly the same as oem mitsubishi lifters but they were used in non turbo hyundais and kia in usa. They are cheaper than oem but I know they are from different manufacturer.

Yes, some people are using Hyundai hydraulic lifters but putting together an expensive engine i personally don't want to take chances over some cheap stuff. Maybe they will do thier job just fine - i just deliberately don't use them.

I understand. From my search look like hyundai lifters are exactly the same as mitsu lifters but I might be wrong. I think there is different manufacturer because there is different part number. I think the only way to find out would be to try them and see if they work. Thanks!

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