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ARP Main studs - crank bore distortion ? (VQ35DE/350z)

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Hey guys, I shall start a build thread in the coming days, it's my first full rebuild (last Christmas I did cams/timing chain/stem seals). And note, I may not be using the correct terminology just yet, bare with me.

However I thought I'd ask this specific question separately just in case it gets lost in that thread itself.

I've just recently stripped my engine down and taken all of the parts to my chosen machinists. Whilst I was there we of course went through all of my new parts, and inspected my old bits and pieces too. My crank did get some scoring from FM, so it's due to have a polish and balance of course but whilst we were talking about these parts, he mentioned to me that these ARP main studs (not the heads at least), could cause crank bore distortion:

So that would involve even more work, and it could just be easier to use the OEM main bolts rather than these ARP studs. He said when I make the initial assembly that I will know for sure if they are an issue. I've tried searching the usual forums for info on this but most of the builds using ARP studs are FI, and I'm staying NA.

I just wondered if anyone has had this happen to them ?

(I did watch the webinar #197 too)

On the Subarus' , the use of the ARP main case bolts always causes bore distortion. One needs to re bore to get them back to spec.

Thank you for replying, much appreciated!

I also got a message back from JWT (I use their cams), saying that they do experience distortion, and recommend the oem bolts, or gtr bolts (both tty) for an upgrade but still to check for distortion as the gtr ones can too.