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Engine Break in Steps on dyno (RPM,LOAD,TIME)

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Hi everyone,

what "steps" do you recommend for breaking in an engine on the dyno?

Like 10 mins max 0,3b effective boost from 2000-3000rpm,after that 10 mins 0,3-0,6b from 2000-3000rpm etc.

How do you do it and how long? I´ve always done this on the road until now for aprox 500km and changed oil+filter after that,but i have now access to a dyno and want to save time doing this,also it is not easy to do this on the road with not street legal cars.

Thank you

Regards Dany

I think you need about 20-30 minutes to break in an engine on the dyno. Here is a good HPA webinar on the topic:


Skip to 27:30 in the video (or transcript) to see the exact process Andre recommends. I would be avoiding boost for the first 15 minutes or so, then gradually add the load and up the RPM.

Hi David,

thank you very much,i must have missed this part in the webinair,i will rewatch then.

Best Regards

I'm of the opinion - if un-compromised parts are used and the engine is built properly - that dyno break-in is essentially just validation at this point. Recently on both rotary and piston engines I'm doing power runs ~1 hour after initial startup and confirmation that all systems are functioning and there have been no failures. Probably could cut it down but I'd rather be thorough and drop/inspect oil etc etc.

Thank you for your opinion David,that reassures me,i will do it like Andre said in the webinair for +- 1 hour,analyse oil,change oil etc. and start mapping for power.

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