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Question about Precision turbo for 1UZ

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I'm in the need of some help to identifying this unused Precision turbo I got the other day.. It have no plate, I understand that is normal on these turbos.

Here are my measurements, rounded to the closest mm. :

Compressor: 65mm - 91mm A/R .75 4" in 3"out Turbin: 75mm - 82mm A/R .81 T4 single flange V-band out

Can anyone tell me something about this turbo? hp rating? year?

I wondering if I can us it on my 1UZ 4.0L if I change the turbin housing to around A/R 1.00 ? Or if I should just buy a new Aeroflow turbo..

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That turbo should be capable of something like 750rwhp on a 4 stroke reciprocating piston motor, around 600 on a rotary.

Even with the existing turbine housing AR unless you are changing the intake manifold and cam on the UZ it should be a good match as people usually run compressors that size with a slightly smaller turbine and the stock UZ won't rev to the moon. In precision speek they often do a 6565 on the "small engine/response" spec turbos and something more like yours for larger capacity v8s.

I would run it as is.