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Torque Plate honing

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I'm interested in a topic I find mixed information on. I don't want to start any arguements but would like some real experience based information. What are the real world differences when a torque plate is used or not for boring/honing a block? (closed deck iron block, in my case for now an 05U rb26)questions like will the engine have measurably lower/higher compression? Will it actually consume less/more oil in a measurable way? Blow by? other things?

I understand the mechanical measurement/distortion side of why it's recommended. I also understand that oem manufacturers often don't deploy plated honing processes. I also understand that the bores cant be measured reasonably at the service temperatures they see and anticipating that expansion would be difficult at best. So no explanations necessary for that.

OK maybe I worded this poorly the first time. I'd like to find some more info on the need for.. no plate boring and honing vs plated boring and honing vs hot plated boring and honing.

Mostly searching online all I find is people demanding you do the only thing they have ever done, things like " you must torque plate hone due to the distortion otherwise its garbage, from xyz shop" or " I've been building 600awhp 4g's and SR's for 15 years and never used a torque plate, it's fine".

I'd like to see if anyone builds things to the goal of the engine and uses the different methods for whats required. I view it on 3 levels

-No plate boring honing - OEM like power up to ( X HP / Liter) for a certain block type

-Torque plate boring and honing - mid/high level power up to ( X HP / Liter) for a certain block type

-Heated, torque plate boring and honing - all out racecar for a certain block type (no one seems to mention this method when demanding people use a torque plate)

Anybody out there have any specific info for these methods besides the measurable distortion when using a torque plate?