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Where and how to store parts

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Profiting from a few deals and, of course, Black Friday I have acquired a few engine parts (from camshafts, to oil pump, valve springs, etc.). They've been bought way in advance, since my engine building plan starts somewhere in Spring 2020 with unmounting the engine (a B16A2 from a Honda Del Sol VTi).

Now my question would be- since there are at least 4 more months until any of these parts will see the interior of the engine, how would I go by storing them? They currently reside in my room, at a temperature varying from 20 to 28 degrees Celsius. Would I be safe moving them to my garage (which is a bit more damp and sees temperatures from -5 to 15)?

Any other tips and tricks on how to properly store and manage your parts while waiting for the right time to use them?

Temperature is less of an issue than humidity to be honest as moisture content is what can cause surface rust. Most new components such as cams/valve springs etc will be shipped with a protective oil applied for this exact reason and shouldn't be an issue. If you want to be go a little further then there are protective sealing sprays (crc soft seal is one I use) that are designed purposely for long term protection of steel parts. The problem is that soft seal is actually a bit of a pain in the ass to remove when it comes time to use the parts. Alternatively a liberal application of clean engine oil will probably suffice for 4 months.

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