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Well this showed up :)

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Very nice. Might be worth starting to a build thread

Hi Chris good idea... I haven't posted much on here as I always have trouble on this site with my android for some reason... I've worked out how to work around these issues to make navigating a bit easier now. I will definitely do a build thread when I get a chance.

The most important point hasn't been raised!

You must use thermoucouple wire and pins out of the same material or at least same thermal/electric characteristics for EGT thermocouple sensors (usually k-type).

you don't 'need' to use the same wire, you can have a cold joint at the end of the sensor loom and run copper to the amp.

In saying that I do run thermocouple wire to the amp to avoid the need for compensations, this company was very well priced for the it and the connectors:

Another is: